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Brand new training for christian entrepreneurs

A simple system that helps you break Free from the 9-5 grind and finally launch a successful online business!

Without spending thousands to get started, Without feeling like you have to figure it all out on your own!

Who Is The 7-Day Launch System For?

This is a SIMPLIFIED 4-STEP FRAMEWORK designed to help any Christian quickly launch as an Online Coach, Consultant, or Course Creator and then provides the direction needed to accelerate profits to reach $10k in monthly recurring income and beyond!


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Let's cut to the chase here...

you can get My $38,000 System On a Beta launch offer For Only $27...

My name is Michael Woodfield. 

I’m a Pastor & Coach as well as the CEO at a Christian Coaching Firm called Launch Hub AI
And I want to share something that may sound a bit crazy...

I’m going to give away the exact system that took me 2 years and over $38,000 to build and validate... For only $27!

I know... It's a crazy but I'm doing it as a beta test to see how many people I can serve in the last months of 2024!

On this page I'm going to share how my simple 7-Day Launch System will position you to accomplish two incredible things:

1. Quickly Launch Your Online Coaching, Consulting, or Course Creator Business

2. Leave your 9-5 and pursue the dreams God has placed deep in your heart!

Why This System?

Like any amazing product the foundation is customer experience focused vs profit or technology focused.

We started with a simple question...

What if we create a simple system that will

  • Drastically lower the cost of starting

  • ​Create a path to immediate results- "Quick Wins"

  • Eliminate the need for expensive software or support

  • Lower the cost of

  • Accelerate the number of highly qualified leads (Frontend)

  • Create a stellar experience (Backend)

  • Help our clients build PRI (Passive Recurring Income)

So why did I create this? Well, between 2018 and 2020, I built one of the fastest growing businesses in my market space…

Back in 2018 I had doubled my business profits and then did it again in 2019… So in 2020 I was all in for an even bigger year. We all know now, the pandemic changed that year for so many.

I thought I would be ok, after all, I was using the same High Ticket Coaching Framework as everyone else… heck it’s the same feast or famine model most online Gurus are still using.

I really felt I had a chance to reboot… Until 2021, then I figured out the whole thing was actually built to FAIL! I spent most months scrambling to get new clients just to keep things running…

That’s why, in 2022, when I started building a new system, I shifted to a unique model…

What I launched was a new Hybrid Coaching Model that feeds its growth by converting clients into a system that creates Passive Recurring Income (or PRI) in their business while creating a forced growth sequence in my business.

So why does it work so well?

Well technically speaking, because it’s designed for stable and predictable growth!

But if you pull back the curtain a bit you’ll see it works because it’s built on a specific set of Kingdom principles that allows you to reduce striving and experience the “light burden” like Jesus talks about in Matthew 11!


Fast Action Bonuses

Our AI Virtual Agent Services or AIVA for short is how we accomplish things that once took weeks and a team of Gurus. Now we're done in minutes! Need a web page, Facebook ad, email, or course layout created? Answer a few questions and AIVA goes to work creating the best marketing and sales materials in minutes:

AIVA: Leads Funnel

AIVA created our HIGHEST-CONVERTING leads funnel with a 56% conversation rate of highly qualified leads.

AIVA: Marketing Copy

All you have to do is answer a few questions and AIVA goes to work creating the best marketing copy in just a few minutes you are done!

AIVA: Ads Launch

Quickly launch and start driving traffic to your funnel with AIVA's proven ads.

AIVA: Email & SMS Copy

Get your email and SMS text auto replies setup easily! AIVA creates templates that are ready for you to do final customizations.

Backed by Our 100%

Money Back Guarantee.

Here's how it works:

It's Time to go From Working The Same Broken System as everyone else And Instead implement a system to quickly launch and Accelerate growth so you can finally leave your 9-5 and follow god's call on your life!

 This 7-Day Launch System is Completely New and Different, and Unlike Anything You've

Ever Had Training On Before - Keep Reading Below To See What Others Say About My Training & Support!

RAVING FANS Share Their Experice WIth our TRAINIng, SOFTWARE & Support

Dear Future Online Coach

From: Michael Woodfield (Founder)

Re: The Only System You’ll Ever Need To Accelerate Growth And Take Control of Business Profits!

Would it surprise you to learn, that you can implement this simple system and have your business running at $10k and beyond in profits every single month using the information revealed in this training?


You should be.  After all, you can’t believe everything you read on the internet :-) 

so let me prove it to you

This 7-Day Launch System is unlike any training you have ever seen…

This is completely different because…

  •  We don’t focus on "high ticket sales".

  • We don’t focus on "chasing people down".

  • We don’t focus on wasting time and effort on people who are not interested in your coaching offer.

  • We don’t focus on sending long emails or creating blog posts.

  • We don’t focus on trying to beg for a referral that does not work out.

Basically: we do not talk to anyone unless they have shown an interest and proven to be highly qualified and become a paying customer! Wait... What?

The 7-Day Launch System For Coaches Sets You Free From All That And Allows You To change Your Business Growth Curve by showing you how to generate high-quality customers every month

The best news... You Can Start learning In Just A Few Minutes and start the process of launching this system in your Business in just a few short days From Now…

The #1 Mistake: Chasing leads -vs- advising Clients...

Here’s why:

There are two types of pros out there.

There are "The Chasers" and there are "Advisers".

For my first 3 years, me and my clients were all Chasers. Heck that's how I trained them!

Chasers are always out there trying to get the next client. Spending hours a day following up on leads, sending proposals and cold calling which never amount to anything... Or even worse not having any leads at all to follow up.

Their strategy is to try to get more "leads for their business". While not focusing on their actual desired outcome! More highly qualified paying customers in their sales pipeline!

And by focusing on the wrong strategy - they spend a ton of time on..

  • Calling leads which never answer the phone

  • Emailing leads which never return emails

  • Posting randomly on Social Media and hoping clients will just "appear"

  • Sending out newsletters that nobody is actually interested in

The "Old Way" requires a lot of time and energy.

The problem is the model is out dated...

Talking with every person that fills out a form as a "Lead" is not always productive. In fact in most cases leads covert at less than 2-4% because they are just people who have "expressed an interest in your freebie". So when you capture their data and don't ask them for any money most often they get their free thing and just move on.

See the difference? A customer is actually someone who is looking for ADVICE about how you can help them solve their problem.

The solution?

Instead of Chasing Leads...

make an actual sale and then Advise paying Clients.

By using the 7-Day Launch System you cut out the time wasting activity and instead only talk to paying clients!

Imagine how much time you can save if you don't jump on a "discovery call" or or schedule appointments unless they have already proven: they want to know how you can help solve their problem, they are willing to pay... and most importantly they have already made a purchase!

As you make the shift to only talking to paying clients you get to choose the best day/time that you want to work! Best of all everyone you talk with has already proven they want to learn how you can help them and they have proven they actually WANT TO SPEAK WITH YOU.

The result? Instead of having an inbox full of leads that don't respond to your calls or emails. You get your inbox filled with payment confirmations and people that who want you to advise them on how to implement their recent purchase.

So, If you'r like me, I'd rather get hundreds of paying customers actually scheduled into my live trainings every single month instead of chasing "leads" all the time trying to get them to book an appointment or join my webinar.

No thanks. we have all done that before and it's no fun!

So here's the deal...

Register today for the 7-Day Launch System and get started right away!

So get started today - From Here out you only need to speak to people who are Actually paying customers rather than spending hours every chasing Leads, sending emails and getting no Response!

Here’s The exact 4-Step System we use to quickly launch and accelerate growth in any online business:

  Step 1 - Launch A Validated Offer - Instead of spending your money on expensive training or your valuable time trying to figure it all out, we provide you with a system that allows you to quickly validate your offer. That means when you start your marketing you already know it's going to be easy! Best of all our system is easy to customize to your business, and it's simplifies the path for a quick launch. Then...

 Step 2 - Make Immediate Micro Sales - The difficult task of finding someone that wants to speak with you after coming in as a free leads is the hardest conversion. If they come in as free, they already have an expectation of more free, this process actually causes them to devalue your time. So, no more chasing leads, the process we teach shows you how to stop chasing leads and instead, make immediate sales and get "Quick Wins"! If they make an immediate purchase it reframes the conversation then...

Step 3 - Only Talk To Paying Clients: This one can sound a little harsh and is actually the hardest transition... Because we love to serve we will give away our most valuable resource, our time, and we end up wasting our our most valuable resource serving the wrong people. Yes, you read that correctly, get actual customers instead of clogging up your pipeline with leads or booking appointments with people that are not already paying customers then...

Step 4 - Make More Offers - Once they have proven they don't want free and are willing to invest in your services as a solution you are now positioned as their expert advisor. Now all you have to do is show up and ADVISE your new client on how you can help them even more as they see immediate results!

This Price Won’t Last Long

The truth is...

In my coaching business we have sold this entire system for $3,497... then we charge $197-$497 monthly for continued coaching and software services.

Then I offer the 52 Week Mastermind for $1,997....

But I realized after the pandemic hit, inflation skyrocketed, and now on top of all of that we are battling with slowed economic conditions... Entrepreneurs are hurting but I know I can do something about that! So, I created this 7-Day Launch System beta offer for only $27! But the problem with any beta offer... it does't last forever! So, get started today and lock in your price for only $27!

By lowering the price to only $27, it allows me to impact more Christian entrepreneurs and help them quickly fill their programs with high quality clients!

I consider that at true win/win...

The BEST Money-Back Guarantee
In The World

And since you’ve made it this far, I’ll assume that you’re ready to order, so with that in mind...

 so Here’s How To Order Today...

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The 7-Day Launch System

Here's Everything You're Getting 

For Only $97 $27

Included With Your Order

7-Day Launch System

We provide a simple 4-Step system to launch (or relaunch) your Online Coaching Business and achieve immediate results.

Included With Your Order

AIVA: Leads Funnel

AIVA created our HIGHEST-CONVERTING leads funnel with a 56% conversation rate of highly qualified leads.

Included With Your Order

AIVA: Marketing Copy

All you have to do is answer a few questions and AIVA goes to work creating the best marketing copy in just a few minutes you are done!

Included With Your Order

AIVA: Ads Launch

Quickly launch and start driving traffic to your funnel with AIVA's proven ads.

Included With Your Order

AIVA: Email & SMS Copy

Get your email and SMS text auto replies setup easily! AIVA creates templates that are ready for you to do final customizations.

Included With Your Order

Mastermind Support

Access our private mastermind community where we do live training on launching your platform and growing your business.

Once You Register You Can Get Started Right Away

Learn directly on your computer and start implementing right away.

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